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25 February 2023

By Anthony Byrne

(Melbourne) - A long-running matter in the County Court of Victoria was settled this week, resulting in a favourable result for all parties involved, and bringing a formal end to the commercial dispute. 

Counsel Simon Bobko (Barrister, Chapman's List Barristers VIC), along with instructing Solicitor Anthony Byrne represented two Defendants and Plaintiffs to Counterclaim in a Commercial-List dispute regarding the purchase of a business in Victoria in 2021. With the matter listed for Hearing later this year, the parties attended a Judicial Resolution Conference led by the Judicial Registrar of the County Court. After thorough guidance from the Judicial Registrar over a number of split days, all parties agreed to an amicable resolution of the matter by way of a Deed of Settlement. In doing so, parties were able to agree to terms that were mutually beneficial, without the need to go to a Hearing before a Judge, saving parties and the Court time and legal costs. 

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