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11 October 2023

By Anthony Byrne, Principal Solicitor

(Sydney) - A client who was charged by NSW Police with Drive While Under the Influence of a Drug or Illicit Substance 2nd+ offence recently had his matter dismissed in the Sutherland Local Court.

After being pulled over for an RBT, Police Officers subsequently took a swab test sample, with the client returning a positive result for being under the influence of an illicit substance. 

Principal Anthony Byrne, assisted by Paralegal Isabella Moretti, were able to have the matter dismissed without conviction, pursuant to a good behaviour bond for a period of 6 months. This result means that not only has the client escaped conviction for his 2nd offence of this nature, he also avoids paying a substantial penalty to Revenue NSW, and can continue to drive on NSW roads.

A R BYRNE & ASSOCIATES continues to obtain fantastic results for its many satisfied clients. If you or someone you know requires legal advice or representation, feel free to email our firm at

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