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3 December 2022

By Anthony Byrne

(Sydney) - A client facing a substantial disqualification period and hefty fine was handed down a back-dated disqualification period and a quarter of the maximum fine allowed by the Local Court this week.

After entering into an early guilty plea, the client in their 30s was found guilty of mid-range PCA, among other offences including failing to obtain a NSW Drivers Licence, having moved to Australia over a decade ago. 

With the benefit of tendering submissions to the Magistrate, including an assessment of the client's circumstances, remorse and participation in the Traffic Offender's Rehabilitation Program (TORP), the Court issued a 3-month disqualification period, backdated to the date of the suspension from NSW Police. Provided that the client installs the mandatory alcohol interlock device in his registered vehicle, the client was cleared to obtain his NSW Drivers Licence (with interlock conditions for 12-months) at the conclusion of court. The client was very satisfied with the outcome, particularly as any ongoing suspension or disqualification period would affect his ability to work and obtain an income. 

For more information on the Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program (TORP), please visit their website:

(A R Byrne & Associates is not affiliated or in partnership with TORP in any way)

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